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1. BSc in Zoology, Arya Vidyapeeth College, 1985

2. MSc in Zoology (Specialization Entomology), Gauhati University, 1988

3. PhD: Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Title: Studies on thermoregulation of Antheraea assama Westwood (Lepidoptera : Saturniidae) and its growth and development under different seasons, 1993

Professional Experience

  • 1993-1998, Assistant Professor, Hojai College, Hojai, Assam

Ph.D Scholars

ID Scholar Name Topic Date of Admission Date of Completition Status
1Parag Moni BaruahToxicity evaluation and analysis of caffeine profile of unprocessed and processed tea marketed in Sonitpur (Tezpur) and Biswanath (Gohpur) districts of Assam20142018Completed
2Sanghamitra SahariaEffect of selected plant extracts against the white muscardine disease in Muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer16/08/20170000Ongoing(Finally Register)
3Moromita RoyA study on the diversity and pollination biology of potential pollinators of Manas National Park, Assam16/08/20170000Ongoing(Finally Register)
4Shibani KalitaA study on the stress induced low molecular weight peptides of Antheraea assamensis Helfer for their potential antimicrobial activity20/09/20180000Ongoing(Finally Register)
5Jilimani SarmaStudies on the Anuran species as bio-indicator of wetland health in Nalbari district, Assam, India20/09/20180000Ongoing(Finally Register)
6Dimpi Moni KalitaIsolation, characterization, identification and pathogenicity assessment of gut microbes of diseased eri silkworm, Samia ricini (Donovan)25/08/20190000Ongoing(Finally Register)
7Sanjana SharminA study on the effects of juvenile hormone analogue Methoprene on the biochemical and commercial parameters of silkworm Antheraea assamensis Helfer25/08/20190000Ongoing(Finally Register)

Major / Minor Research project

ID Project Type Project Title Princial Investigator Year of Award Funding Agency Fund Received Project duration status
7MajorStudies on immunomodulatory efficiency of Muga Silkworm Antheraea assama Ww.Dr. Sunayan Bardoloi2011North Eastern Council18 lakhs3 yearsCompleted

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