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Though the science stream of the college was started in 1964 offering PU science course with biology, the College offered Zoology in Degree course in 1971. Dr. (Mrs) Rekha Deka was the founder Head of the Department of Zoology who joined in the college in 1966 and she remained in the same post till 1997. Zoology Honours course was started in the academic session 1980-81 with strength of 12 students and all of them secured Honours in the final examination held in 1982. Late Prof. Madhab Ch. Das of Cotton College taught Zoology as part time lecturer in its initial period. Dr. Umesh Ch. Goswami, Dr. Sasadhar Nath, Dr. Karabi Dutta, Sri Basanta Kr. Das served as whole time lecturer in Zoology Department. Dr. Dinesh Baishya , ex-principal of the college also served as lecturer in Zoology department till 2006.

Course offers & Seats:

  1. Zoology in H.S. Science (1st and 2nd Year)
  2. Zoology (Major and General) in B.Sc course (Semester)
  3. No. of Seat: 35 in Zoology Major Course
  4. M.Sc. courses (Semester):No. of seats = 10


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Departmental News & Notice

Department of Zoology organizes seminars; quiz competition, popular talks etc every year on World environment day (5th June), AIDS day (1st December), no tobacco day and wildlife week in order create awareness among the students. Besides, regular class seminars are arranged every year among the Zoology Major students. Two educational excursions are arranged every year, one for 3rd year major students (out side the Assam) and one for B.Sc 3rd year general students. ‘Synapse’ – a student organization of zoology department is being involved in different activities of the college.

Departmental Publication:

A half yearly magazine ‘Zoon’ has been regularly published from the department since 2002. The wall Magazine ‘Khakhiati’ has been published every year with the articles of both teachers and students. Moreover, on the day of world AIDS day – a leaflet has been published to create awareness about AIDS.

Departmental Library:

A rich departmental library has been maintained. There are more than 300 books which includes textbooks and reference books. Books are issued to the students on every Saturday. Dr. Jolly Mazumdar is the teacher in-charge of the library.

Awards and recognition received by faculty (last five years):

  1. Five faculty members of Zoology departments have been recognised as Ph.D Guides by Gauhati University in 2013 namely Dr. Jolly Majumder, Dr. Kamal Choudhury, Dr Rashmimala Kakati, Dr. Sunayan Bardoloi and Dr. Mridul Kr.Borthakur
  2. Three faculty members of Zoology departments have been recognised as Ph.D Guides by University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya in 2012 namely Dr. Kamal Choudhury, Dr. Sunayan Bardoloi and Dr. Mridul Kr.Borthakur
  3. Dr. Jolly Majumdar was awarded Ph.D by Gauhati University in 2010
  4. Dr. Janardan Pathak was awarded Ph.D by Gauhati University in 2010
  5. Dr Rashmimala Kakati has been awarded a fellowship of Rs. 1 lakh by Assam Publication Board, Govt. of Assam to publish a book related to indigenous flower species of Assam
  6. Dr. Mridul Kr. Borthakur has been recognised as one of the reviewer of Indian Journal of Pharmacology.

Details on student enrichment programmes (special lecture/ workshops/ seminar) with external experts:

  1. North-east region- wildlife and expected impacts of climate change delivered by Dr. P.C. Bhattacharyya, Prof. G.U. dated 5-06-10.
  2. Dr. Bibhuti Lahkar, Field biologist, Aarayyank delivered lecture on Grass land ecology of Manas National park on 4-10-2010.
  3. Dr. Firoz Ahmed, Herpatologist, Aarayyank delivered lecture on Amphibian fauna of Assam and its conservation on 17-11-2010
  4. Dr. Indra Kumar Bhattacharyya, Principal, Cotton College, Guwahati delivered the key note address in a seminar on Eradication of AIDS organized by the Department of Zoology, B.Borooah College on 1-12-2010.
  5. Mubina Akhtar, wildlife journalist delivered a lecture on importance of conservation of species on 5-6-2011.
  6. Popular talk on “Tobacco and cancer” was delivered by Dr. M.N. Baruah, NECHRI, Jorabat on 2nd December, 2011
  7. Popular talk on Conservation of Aquatic birds of Assam by Somyadeep Dutta, Director, Natures’ Becon dated 7-04-2012
  8. Seminar on Conservation of Nature and role of tribal peoples of South East Asia delivered by Dr. A.K. Bhagawati, Professor, G.U. dated 20-05-2012
  9. Mr. Rakesh Saud , Research Scholar, IIT, Guwahati delivered a talk on Bird watching and conservation of aquatic birds on 4th October, 2012.
  10. Dr. Hridip Kumar Sarma, Assistant Professor Dept. of Biotechnology, Gauhati University delivered a lecture on Basic tools and techniques for Biotechnological study on 5.3.13.
  11. Pranjaan Barman, Assistant professor, Department of Biotechnology, GU delivered a lecture on Exposure to basic biotechnological tools and techniques on 5.3.13
  12. Jayadittya Purkayastha, Herpatologist delivered a lecture on Reptilian fauna of Assam and its conservation on 4-10-2013.
  13. Dr. Jogen Ch. Kalita, Professor Gauhati University, delivered a lecture on “ Life Science: Its possibilities and Challenges on 25.09.2014
  14. Biswajit De, Founder President, WildRoots, South East Asia took an Interactive session on “ Conservation Paradigms” on 08.11.2014

*In addition, the department has been organizing seminars among the students and observing World Environment Day, Wildlife week, World Aids day and World No Tobacco Day, every year.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

(a) Dr. Jagadindra Raychoudhury:
  1. PowerPoint presentation on Human Genetics and Disease at Assam Science Society in presence of students and teachers of three schools on 13-11-2010
  2. Participated in the discussion on NCERT syllabus implanted in Assam organized by NE TV on 10-10-10
  3. Delivered lecture at Bihata Chariali Girls H.S. School on Biodiversity and its conservation with special reference to Assam., organized by Chemical Society of Chemistry, Gauhati University on 29-8-11
  4. Delivered a talk on Impact on climate change on Flora and Fauna at All India Radio, Guwahati
  5. Attended citizen meet on Rhino horn burning at Guwahati Press Club on 19/06/2010, delivered lecture.
  6. Workshop attended at Kokrajhar on Witch killing on 15.05.2011
  7. Attended and delivered lecture in Interaction Session on Myanmar-Burma centre, Delhi in collaboration with Journalist forum, Assam on “Changing Policies in Burma” on 9.03.2012
  8. Chief guest on Netaji’s Birth day organized by Netaji Juba Mancha on 23.01.2013.
  9. Attended and delivered lecture on killing of three journalists of “Dainik Ganadoot” on 21.05.2013
  10. Invited as Chief guest in the Celebration of 150th Birth ceremony of Rasaraj Lakhminath Bezbaruah organized by Akonir Priya Bandhu at Khetry Girls High School on 17.11.2013
  11. Attended in discussion in Frontier T.V. on Impact on Socio-culture of Assam. On 13.08.2011
  12. Delivered a talk from AIR, Guwahati on “Impact of climate changes on flora and fauna”.
  13. Attended talk show on Rhino horn poaching at News Time Assam on 05.10.1012
  14. Attended talk show on River water immersion of Durga idol at News Time Assam on 26.10.2012
  15. Attended talk show on Use of Pesticide in food and vegetable and how to get rid of at News Time Assam on 20.02.2013
  16. Acted as resource person in a group discussion programme organized by Doordashan (NE) on environmental pollution in June,2014
  17. Delivered a talk on the occasion of 72nd foundation day of Azad Hind Govt. on 21-10-2014 organized by Play Boy Sports Club, Hojai and All India Patriotic forum.
  18. Guest of honour in Bodo literary Society, organized by Bodo students of B. Borooah College, 2014.
  19. Teacher representation to BBC Governing body for 2 terms Teacher representation to BBC Governing body for 1 term
  20. Acted as a president, Sovenir Committee of Sanatan Hari Sabha, Panbazar, Guwahat, on the occasion of centenary celebration in January, 2014
  21. Acted as General Secretary of B.B.C. Savings and Credit Cooperative Society for 2 terms.
  22. Acted as General Secretary and President of B.B.C. Teachers Unit
  23. Convenor, Stakeholders coordination Cell, B.Borooah College.
  24. Acted as Returning officer B.Borooah College Student Union Election, 2014
(b) Dr. Jolly Majumdar:
  1. Has been associated as a member in Swabalambi, an NGO working with the rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged persons since 2009.
  2. Convenor of College community and health cell.
(c) Dr. Kamal Choudhury:
  1. Acted as General Secretary of B.B.C. Savings and Credit Cooperative Society for 3 terms.
  2. Teacher representation to BBC Governing body for 2 terms.
  3. Acted as Co-ordinator of IQAC, B.Borooah College.
  4. Acting as Co-ordinator of Environmental studies since 2003.
  5. Acting as Co-ordinator of Star college Scheme in the college under DBT, Govt. of India
  6. Acted as editor in the departmental news letter ‘Zoon’ from 2002 to 2013
  7. Acting as treasurer, B.Borooah College student union fund
(d) Dr. Rasmimala Kakoti:
  1. Working on Exploration, Identification and Description of Indigenous flowering species of Assam which is financially supported by Assam Publication Board, Govt. of Assam
  2. Acted as secretary B.B.C.T Unit, Year 2013
  3. Acted as Secretary, BBCWF, Year: 2014-2015.
(e) Dr. Sunayan Bordoloi:
  1. Acting as Coordinator of DBT, Govt. of India funded Institutional Biotech Hub.
  2. Acting as Coordinator of Student career counselling cell of the college.
(e) Dr. Mridul Kr. Borthakur:
  1. Acted as resource person in a Residential review meeting for Science & Mathematics Facilitator on 6.03.2013. at Silpagram, Punjabari, Guwahati, Organized by ASTEC.
  2. Acted as judge in state level competition of Aryabhatta Science Centre during 3rd-4th April, 2013 at Silpagram, Punjabari, Guwahati, Organized by ASTEC.
  3. Acted as a member in the editorial board of abstract and proceeding preparation committee of International seminar on bioresources and human sustenance organized by Department of Zoology, Cotton College, Guwahati and Zoological Society of Assam, held from 20th October to 22nd October, 2011 at Cotton College, Guwahati.
  4. Acting as a reviewer of Indian journal of pharmacology since 2011.
  5. Acting as teacher incharge of different portfolio of B.Borooah College student union for the last 4 years.
  6. Has been acting as Assistant Officer in-charge of various Examinations of GU for the last 4 years.
  7. Acting as Editor of Zoon, Departmental research journal of Zoology Department of B.Borooah College since 2014.
  8. Acted as Convenor, B.Sc Admission Committee, B.Borooah College in 2014.
  9. Member, Publication cell, B. Borooah College
  10. Member, Editorial Board of Science Probe, a research journal (On line)
(f) Dr. Janardan Pathak:
  1. Acted as a member of Selection Board for appointment of Contractual Teachers (TET Qualified) in Lower Primary and Upper Primary Schools under Govt. of Assam, during March, 2012.
  2. Acted as a member of Selection Board for appointment of Permanent Teachers (TET Qualified) in Lower Primary and Upper Primary Schools under Govt. of Assam, during February, 2013.
  3. Acted as a member of organizing committee of Quiz competition on Mahatma Gandhi organized by Govt. of Assam, during October, 2013
Future plans of the department for the next five years:
  1. More research activity will be encouraged for Research Scholars for PhD degree.
  2. Intends to apply various Project works funded by external agencies for the uplift of present facilities.
  3. To organize National and International seminars on selective aspects of bioscience, specially
  4. Bio resources and their sustainable development with special reference to North East India.
  5. A laboratory manual as per the Gauhati University syllabus for under graduate courses will be published.
  6. A departmental museum on the native fishes of Assam will be established.
  7. Efforts are on to inculcate research mentality among the students by encouraging them to participate in different research projects.

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