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The department of Philosophy was started in the year 1943. Dr. Sarat Chandra Goswami who joined as a part time teacher to teach logic started the department. In 1945 Mr. Tarini Baishya joined him and the degree course in philosophy was started. Mr. Tarini Baishya, Sri Prafullapran Changkakoti and Sri Ghana Kanta Chetia Phukan were three well known teachers who acted as the pillars of the foundation of the department and it is their untiring initial effort that the department has achieved the present status. Mr. Haren Chandra Deka joined the department in 1958. He was the teacher appointed as the first full time lecturer. The major course in philosophy was introduced in 1980. The mission of the department is to chennalise the goals and interests of the students in higher education and develops their academic skills.

Course offers & Seats:

  1. Philosophy in H.S. (1st and 2nd Year)
  2. T.D.C (Semester) course for both Major and General course
  3. No. of seats : 30 in Philosophy major in each year

The department of philosophy has undertaken certain student’s welfare activities since 20001-02 as per its extension programs. The department is directly associated with Rajyoga Education and research foundation. The department provides platform to impart value education, art of meditation and also offers various educative courses and training for building character and professional skill to the students. The department is also associated with Vivekananda Kendra, Uzanbazar, Guwahati for conducting certain programs related with personality development of the students. Department of philosophy also conducts seminars, lectures by illuminating personalities of the philosophical world to acquaint the students with the current topics of the day.

Departmental Publication:

    Publication by the Students:

  1. “Wisdom” a wall magazine, has been being published since 2003 and the latest issue has been released on January 24, 2014
  2. “Sophia” a yearly magazine is published by the initiatives of the students of the department.
  3. Publication by the Faculty:

  4. The Department of philosophy has published a research journal viz., ‘Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities’ a Biennial journal Vol-1, March 2014, ISSN 2348-7011.

A Departmental Bulletin is also published in the year 2014

Departmental Library at a glance:

  1. The Department has a rich library comprising of almost more than one thousand books and reputed research journals. A good number of valuable rare books are collected by the fund provided by UGC.
  2. Valuable books on Ramayana Studies, Gandhian studies and J. Krishnamurty are the real assets of the Departmental library provided by MRP completed by Dr. Sucharita Dey.
  3. Books on general studies which help the students in particular and the Faculty members in general are available both in English and Assamese. A book shelf is provided by Dr Pranati Devi after her completion of MRP.

The no. books provided the UGC fund may be presented under the following categories:

  1. Oriental Category: 16
  2. Occidental Category: 52
  3. Collection on Gandhi: 11
  4. Philosophy of Religion: 4

Total no of Book: 350

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension Activities:

Dr. Maina Sarma, a faculty of the department is associated with NIPCID (National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development, Regional Center, Guwahati). She has gone as a resource person to several offices of Assam police. She is trained as a resource person and has completed the training of the trainer ‘TOT’, course comprising of seven days.
Dr. Maina Sarma is associated with Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, a sister organization of Brahmakumaris, extending her service in imparting value education, art of meditation and various educative courses and training for building character and professional skill to all and specially to the youths in various other colleges and institutions like bank etc.


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