Department of Hindi

Hindi was introduced as MIL at intermediate level in the year 1966. Late Dr. Paresh Dev Sharma taught Hindi in the H.S level as part time lecturer during the initial period. After that Late Udai Ch. Das served as lecturer in the Hindi department from 1971 to 1992.The College got permission from Gauhati University to introduce Hindi as MIL in degree course in 1992.

Course offers & Seats:

  1. Hindi as MIL in H.S. (1st and 2nd Year)
  2. Hindi as MIL in T.D.C (Semester) Major & General courses
  3. Major seats = 25 ; General seats = 60

Departmental Library:

A departmental library has been maintained. There are about 100 books, which includes textbooks and reference books.

Future Plan:

The Department has proposed to open professional courses relating to Hindi & Functional Hindi, Elective Hindi etc.


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