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The historical background of the inception of the science departments in B. Borooah College cannot be realized in isolation of the growth of this college. The college originally began with the Arts stream, as it utilized the campus of a school. However, with its own campus being established in 1962 provided the much needed boost to start the much needed boost. The science stream started functioning in 1964 and so also the Chemistry Dept. but with no full time lecturer. However, shortly afterwards Dr. (Mrs.) T. Thakuria joined as the head of the department. Renowned educationists Mr. K.K Bora and Mr. M. C. Bhuyan, who were both lecturers of the prestigious Cotton College gave their valuable services in the incubation period. Though the department was meandering its way ahead, the teachers at the helm at that time were clamouring for academic elevation and so started the honours course in 1974. From then onwards, began the real journey of this department. It is a journey of terrains but at the same time one of pride.
The department took another significant step under the stewardship of the then head Dr. (Mrs.) T. Thakuria as it started the P. G. course in 1993. The introduction of the P.G. department, which is self-sustaining, was a bold initiative as it entailed lot of perseverance and sacrifice. The P.G section was a result of a desire to go for higher studies coupled with a statistical assessment that many graduates of this region were unable to go for higher studies merely because of lack of adequate number of seats. The alumni of our P.G section have affirmed this contention to be true as majority of them are occupying positions commensurate with their degree.


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Departmental News & Notice

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  • BSc 1st Semester Honours (2nd Merit List; Chemistry) 2019  Click Here

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Future Plan:

The department envisages to adopt a realistic approach while going for its goals. We are aware of our infrastructural limitation and so propose to achieve our objectives in a phased manner.

  1. The Post Graduate section, being nascent and self reliant needs revamping, particularly with respect to carrying out research activities. We are actively pursing to obtain funds to set up the required facilities.
  2. The department is going for resource mobilization in collaboration with different organizations like Enviro-Testing services, etc. The department will provide them the necessary facilities along with skilled chemists.
  3. The department has a vast pool of alumni being part of reputed institutes like IIT, NCL, IICT, etc. and many are outside India, whose valuable services will be more actively sought than before in furthering the future prospects of the department, particularly the students.
  4. The department has a vision to inculcate the basic tenets of science among various sections of the society. This aspect covers not only the beneficial factor but also the creative aspect.

Achievements of the Department:

  1. DST-FIST Level-I Sponsored Department (Grant Rs. 4000000.00)
  2. Granted Star department under Star College scheme by DBT (Grant Rs. 500000.00)
  3. Biotech Hub is being established in the college with funds provided by DBT. The department is an active component along with Zoology and Botany.
  4. The department has been able to secure a grant of Rs. 342000.00 from Guwahati Refinery for renovation of PG laboratory.

Achievements of the Student:

  1. Pradip Bhattacharya(1993)
  2. DigantaChoudhury (1994)
  3. Diganta Choudhury (1994)
  4. Tridip Kumar Sarma (1996)
  5. RitimoniRajkhowa (2000)
  6. Sagar Sarma (2003)
  7. Sanjeev PranMahanta (2004)
  8. Debajit Sarma (2004)
  9. Aswini Kalita (2007)
  10. Gaurango Chakraborty (2008)
  11. Bidyut Bikash Sarma (2009)
  12. BivaTalukdar (2011)
  13. Rajan Kumar (2012)
List of JAM 2004 & 2005 (M.Sc IIT) qualified Students:
  1. DebojitSarma
  2. RupamSarma
  3. Deepankar Das
  4. HarjyotiKalita
  5. MauchumiBhuyan
  6. RupamSarma
  7. Dhrubajyoti Kalita
  8. Tridip Goswami (2005)
  9. Apurba Kalita (2007)
  10. Ashim Malakar (2008)
  11. Gaurango Chakraborty (2008)
  12. Pulakesh Das (2009)
  13. BidyutBikashSarma (2009)
  14. BijuMazumder (2009)
  15. BivaTalukdar (2011)
  16. PankajKalita (2012)


S.No. Name Specialization Qualification
1 Mrs.SutopaRaichoudhury Physical Chemistry MSc
2 Dr.DigantaChoudhury Organic Chemistry MSc, Phd, NET
3 Dr.Bijoy S. Goswami Physical Chemistry MSc ,PhD
4 Mr.PradyumnaMazumdar Inorganic Chemistry MSc, NET
5 Dr Apurba Kalita Chemistry MSc, PhD


S.No. Name Specialization Qualification
1 Prof. P.K. Chetia Physical Retired Prof.Gauhati University
2 Prof.S.K.Barooah Organic Retired Prof. B. Borooah College
3 Mr.ShyamalKar Inorganic MSc
4 Mr.Mofidul Islam Inorganic MSc
5 Mr.Hrishikesh Sarma MSc
6 Mr. Altaf Zamanuddin Ahmed Inorganic MSc


S.No. Name Specialization
1 Dr. (Mrs.) T. Thakuria, Retd. Head, Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College Organic Chemistry
2 Mr.Subrata kr. Barooah, Retd. Prof, Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College Organic Chemistry
3 Dr.DebaduttaBorkataki, Retd. Prof, Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College Inorganic Chemistry
4 Md. Akbar Ali, Retd. Head Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College Physical Chemistry
5 Mrs.Anurupa Devi Retd. Head Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College Inorganic Chemistry
6 Dr.DhruwajyotiChoudhury Deputy Controller of Exams, Gauhati University Inorganic Chemistry


  1. Organised state level science quiz competition in collaboration with Regional Science Museum, Khanapara, Assam to mark the International year of Chemistry
  2. Organised a Workshop entitled Vermiculture and Vermicompost at B. Borooah College, sponsored by KVIC
  3. One of the organizer of Workshop for Science Teachers of Assam along with DST, Govt of Assam, and Regional Science Museum Assam.
  4. Organised a talk by Prof. A. Sahu of National Institute of Immunology,New Delhi at B. Borooah College in association with Assam Science Society

Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:

  1. National Accreditation Board for Education &Training, Quality Council of India Awarded Dr. Bijoy S Goswami as Functional Expert for carrying out EIA in the 96th Accreditation Committee Meeting held on February 18, 2013
  2. Bhupali Kalita, Jyotish Nath and Hrishikesh Talukdar was awarded DST- Inspire fellowship
  3. SRFP summer fellowship to11 students under Indian Academy of Sciences since 2011
  4. Bhupali Kalita was selected for two year fellowship under NIUS(HBCSE), TIFR

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding a) National:

  1. Organized Chemistry Workshop at Regional Science Centre, Guwahati from 19th to 23rd March 2012 for 150 science teachers from all over Assam in collaboration with RSC, Guwahati, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of Assam, Secondary Education, Govt. Of Assam, Assam Science Technology and Environment Council, Guwahati.(Funded by DST)
  2. Workshop on “Fun with Chemistry” from 11th to 15th July, 2011 in which Prof. Shyamal Kar acted as resource person.
  3. Organised a Workshop entitled “BioManure (vermicompost) held in B.Borooah College sponsored by Khadi Village and Industries Commission KVIC(2011).
  4. Organized a workshop on ‘Frontier Areas of Research & Applications in Science and Technology’in Collaboration with JBNSTS, Kolkata on February 18 to 20, 2014 (Funded by JBNSTS)
  5. Organized State level Science Fair on 21st January2015 (Funded by Alumni Forum, Dept. of Chemistry & partly under Star college scheme)
  6. QuizChem, A state level Quiz Competition (Funded by Alumni Forum, Department of Chemistry)
  7. Performed Chemistry Magic Show North East Book fair held at Chandmari,Guwahati, November 6, 2014 (Funded under Star College Scheme)
  8. Performed Chemistry magic show at Morigaon during the Golden Jubilee celebration of Assam Science Society 8th January 2015 (Funded under Star College Scheme)
  9. A 2 day Workshop on Gas Chromatography held on 2-2-15 to 3-2-15 (Funded under Biotech Hub)

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

Name Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities
Sutopa Raichaudhury
  1. Member of Admission Committee
  2. Member of CCS
  3. Member of Women’s forum
Diganta Choudhury
  1. Served as a Presiding Officer in Recent , Assembly, Municipal and Panchayat Election
  2. Member of CCS
  3. Coordinator IQAC
  4. Assistant Returning Officer of BBCSU election
  5. Member of Hostel Committee
Bijoy S. Goswami
  1. Served as a Presiding Officer in Recent , Assembly, Municipal and Panchayat Election
  2. Member of Construction Committee
  3. In charge General Secretary, BBCSU
  4. Working President Bhola Borooah Debate
  5. Executive Member Foundation Day Celebration Committee
  6. Convenor College Extension Cell
Pradyumna Mazumdar
  1. Served as a Presiding Officer in Recent , Assembly, Municipal and Panchayat Election
  2. Course Coordinator of Certificate Course in Computer.
  3. Member of IQAC Report Preparation Committee
  4. Member of Life Skill development Committee
Apurba Kalita Served as a Presiding Officer in Recent Parliamentary, Municipal and Election

Future Plans:

  1. To organise special classes for NET/GATE by bringing in eminent faculties from outside and to procure funds for the purpose
  2. To procure more sophisticated instruments such as flourescence spectrometer, cyclic voltammeter,etc.
  3. To organise workshops/seminars for teachers as well as students
  4. To make “The Chemical Axis” the journal published by the department a peer reviewed journal
  5. To expose more students to project work in reputed institutions.
  6. To organise student workshop and seminars
  7. To collaborate with other instituitions for exchange and research

Students Achievements:

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GATE Qualified
GRE Qualified
UGC Networking
Summer Project
TOEFL Qualified
NET qualified

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